Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moneymaker at Walgreens on Viseine Eyedrops

Let me show you how amazing Walgreen's is. In their ad this week they advertise Visine for $3.99 and by using the $2 off coupon in Sunday's paper it would reduce the price to $1.99.
Only problem....there was no coupon for $2 in Sunday's paper. 
What does Walgreen's do about this misprint? They reduce the price to $1.99.
How is that for customer service.
I am so glad I stopped in Walgreen's on Cleveland Ave NW tonight and saw this because there is a $2 off coupon on Visine's facebook page. 

Visine Eye Drops $3.99 (Reduced to $1.99) 
Buy 2 receive 1000 Balance Reward points
 Use $2 off coupon print 2
Pay nothing for two bottles and receive 1000 points (cash value $1)

I bought 4, paid 25 cents tax and received 2000 point that I can apply to my next purchase. 

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